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One of my clients—a painter with a successful art business—recently told me,

Ever since we started working together, I have realized how amazing it is to get help with writing in my business. I have a tremendous amount of writing to do! It feels like so much more of an experience of flow now, sending this all to you.

That’s my goal: to make business and creativity flow better for creative business owners. How does this happen? Any way the client feels it would best benefit them:

  • Some clients send me voice memos that I condense into articles for their newsletters or blog posts. I write concise copy that captures their voice and message.

  • Some clients send me drafts and say, “HELP!” I take the editing burden off their hands, while they turn their focus onto other business matters.

  • Some clients send a draft of a book that needs careful copyediting prior to publishing.

  • Clients often want me to create written materials such as a workbook to accompany a video course they’ve created.

  • Other clients want me to evaluate their web copy for errors or to write new copy.

There are any number of other tasks I can help with: creating podcast show notes, writing or editing product descriptions, copyediting catalogs—the possibilities are as unique as my clientele.


Creative businesses owners need to churn out a lot of writing. What editorial services do you need help with? There are so many reasons to make use of my help, but let me give you four good ones:

  1. I’m experienced and dedicated to my clients.

  2. My rates are extremely reasonable.

  3. My turnaround thrills my clients.

  4. You’ll free up your creative space and save time—contact me for a no-pressure conversation about how I can help you.