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One of my clients—a painter with a thriving art business—recently told me,

Ever since we started working together, I’ve realized how amazing it is to get help with writing in my business. I have a tremendous amount of writing to do! It feels like so much more of an experience of flow now, sending this all to you.

That’s my goal: to make business and creativity flow better for you.

You’re more than a pretty picture.

You create beautiful work (and I’m so jelly)—but the fact is, the quality of your content can make or break your business success. In a scrolling society, your copy needs to convince your audience that your art, craft kit, quilt pattern, online course, coaching program—is the one they HAVE to have.

Dreaming of getting press coverage or having a huge newsletter following?

If you write an email newsletter or email pitch, you need to “beat the noise”—you want to have your email opened rather than have the recipient think, “Mmm—Pass.” I’ll help you entice readers with better subject lines and better content once they open the email.

What pitches have you been dreaming of? Exposure in the press? Speaking gigs? Collaborations? Or a wildly successful marketing newsletter that has an amazing open rate and that gets you results?

This sounds awesome—Mission accepted! Oh wait—you need to get in touch with me first and we’ll hatch our plan. Sorry…. I get really excited!

Ready to hit PUBLISH on your breakthrough book or course?

As a consumer of these products and a total artist wannabe, let me first say, “Thanks!” Let me also acknowledge that these are huge tasks that involve a variety of skill sets. YAY for learning new skills and stretching ourselves into new areas—and I’d like to offer my writing and editing services at any stage in these projects. I’ve worked with clients on physical and electronic books as well as online courses. These have been some of my favorite projects!

Does your amazing craft pattern need another set of eyes before it hits the streets? I’m not a technical quilt editor (the math scares the pants off of me, and my quilting is super wonky), but I have copyedited many quilt patterns that had already been through pattern testing and technical editing. I caught many little errors and issues and I was also able to review the pattern with the fresh eyes of a beginner-level quilter. This helped clear up any language in the instructions that could’ve confused lower skill level users. If you’re creating a quilting, embroidery, weaving, or other craft pattern, think about having me copyedit the final version. BTW: I also made sure that the sales copy on the back of the quilt patterns sparkled, to make sure those patterns fly off the quilt shops’ shelves!


I hope your mind is buzzing with ideas of how you can leverage my skills to make your dreams come true, whether that means publishing a book, reaching out to a publisher, or communicating better with your audience. There are so many reasons to hire me, but let me give you four big ones:

  1. I’m experienced and dedicated to my clients.

  2. My rates are extremely reasonable.

  3. My turnaround thrills my clients.

  4. I understand the financial, professional, and creative stresses surrounding your content creation—contact me for a no-pressure conversation about how I can boost your content without breaking your bank.