I know you're bursting at the seams with ideas and projects. You're churning out content while juggling knives with one hand tied behind your back. Toss that great content over to me and let me whip it into top-notch shape while you focus on generating new ideas (that's what you got into your creative business for, isn't it?). You're the idea person (and apparently one hell of a juggler)—I'll help you execute your ideas and help you feel less like an exhausted circus performer.

I'll take your content, polish it up, and help you get it out the door. Your content will be sparkling, your brand will look snappy, and you will be more relaxed and efficient. Your creative output will increase when all you need to do is come up with the ideas, flesh them out, and hand them over to me. I'll channel Olivia Pope as I tell you, "It's handled." 

Take a look at the services I offer below. Which ones would you like handled for your creative business? Or do you have a different editing need you'd like to explore with me? Let's talk.




Putting together a podcast is a ton of work, but it can be enormously satisfying. And of course, it's a terrific marketing tool as well! What's the biggest chore of putting out a podcast? Creating the obligatory show notes (or "cheat sheets," if you prefer) to accompany the episode. 

It's important for show notes to reflect your brand's voice, and to summarize the highlights and most important points of the episode—not to write down every... single... comment in the podcast. But you've seen show notes like that, haven't you—and thought, "I don't need to listen to this podcast now; I just read it." 

Once your podcast episode is in the can, send it to me. I'll quickly listen to it and create show notes that will entice listeners who have not heard the episode and be a useful resource for those who have already listened. 

E-courses are a huge undertaking, but they are a terrific source of passive income once you've put in the time. 

I can use the videos for your courses to create student workbooks or handouts based on the material. The workbooks could be part of the course curriculum or sold as a separate product in your line. I can also be a "bug on the wall" in a live course or workshop if you want help transitioning that material into an e-course, e-book, workbook, etc.

Last but not least, I can review your e-course written material to ensure that it is free from errors. Your e-courses will be fabulous!



Newsletters are key to marketing and engagement, but they are truly time-consuming. You may put yours together at the end of the day after everyone's in bed and you can finally find the time, but you certainly don't want the newsletter to read that way!

You can dash off a draft in MailChimp and then let me know. I can log in to your account and give that newsletter the massage it deserves, checking any links that you may be including as well. I can send you a test email at the end for you to review. 

We can set up a regular "appointment" for your newsletter review if you feel concerned about this extra step taking more time in an already-frenzied process. You may find that establishing such a deadline for yourself helps reduce the newsletter chaos even further.


There is no end to the number of ideas you come up with, and thus there is no end to the types of projects I can help you with. Content that will represent your brand should always be edited.

Whenever you prepare a proposal or report for a client (potential or current), it should be edited.

Are your website and blog full of typos and old links that now go nowhere? It might be time for a thorough check. How's your website copy? I can help you with that.

Do you publish articles? I'll make sure they're top-notch.
Self-publishing an e-book? That's terrific! Hire an editor to make sure your book fulfills its potential.

No matter the size of the task, you will find me helpful.

Sounds great—but you have some questions:

How much will this all cost?

My rate is $50 per hour, which is charged in 1/4-hour increments. I have no minimum job (well, I suppose I have a 15-minute minimum). The cost generally comes down to the amount of the content and the amount of editing that is required. My goal is quality first. Some clients prefer that I estimate a job's cost ahead of time and set the fee up front, and I am willing to do that.


What does the process look like?

Step 1: Contact me via email. We can discuss your needs via email and/or over the phone.

Step: 2: I will send you a simple agreement so we are both on the same page.

Step 3: You send me the relevant files as discussed (documents, video, or audio). For some projects we use Adobe Acrobat pdfs or Google Docs and my changes are done as suggestions for you to approve. This can also be done in Microsoft Word's "Track Changes." For newsletters, you'll be sending me MailChimp login information and a draft newsletter. For podcast cheat sheets, you'll send me a link to the podcast recording or an audio file, and you'll direct me regarding the format you want me to create the cheat sheet in. For e-learning projects, you might send me links to video segments and a password to access the course as well as instructions for how to go about my task.

Step 4: I do my magic and delight you with my responsiveness and accuracy. I communicate with you to make sure all is well after delivery of the completed project files, in case of any last-minute changes. 

Step 5: I send you an invoice and look forward to working for you again. If we work together regularly, I can invoice you at any interval that you prefer (e.g., monthly).