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Thanks for the kind words, Annamieka! I love our working relationship.

Here is more client feedback that made me smile:

"I love that your work is time effective and efficient.
I also like that you are self-starter and that you are open to give valuable input on the project we are working on."

"You are a champion of your client's work. I experience you as clear, focused, gracious, and encouraging."

"I love our workflow that we have created together. When I recognize an idea coming through, I am able to talk it through, capture it, and send it to you.
You return it with impressive speed and you take
my ideas and make them so compelling and readable. It is AWESOME to work with you. I feel that I have gotten so much more done in the time we have been working together."

"I appreciate your skill, fast turnaround and useful edits. You are easy to reach as well. You are a confident editor and that means a lot to me."

"You work so quickly—I appreciate it!"

"Thanks so much—that was fast!! The edits were
good ones."

"Kathy, you are a rock star!"

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