How much cheddar to make your content better?

Probably less than you fear!

My rate is $50 per hour, and I charge by the quarter-hour. I use a stopwatch when I work, because you probably don’t want to pay for the time I spend running to answer the doorbell or taking a bathroom break. Am I right?

Clients sometimes ask for estimates before a job and I’m willing to give estimates, but in the end I charge for the actual hours worked. This is fair to both of us.

Feeling overwhelmed with anxiety over how much your project may cost?

I feel ya! Here’s a suggestion: Send me part of your project (a chapter or a set of pages). I will complete them and this will allow you to estimate the total cost of the project. It’ll also let you see how you like my work. It’s a great way to dip your toes into the pool without taking the full plunge.

This method of working is also a great way for you to provide me technical and practical notes about how to proceed (communicate things you like or don’t like about my work), especially on larger projects like books. It’s a good way for us to check in before we’ve gone too far.

One thing I know for sure about creative entrepreneurs is that they don’t have movie studio budgets—I know that hiring a writer or editor can be a hand-wringing investment. So I do all I can to provide incredible value and keep my invoices as low as possible.

I could be providing this service to other, more lucrative business sectors, but YUCK! It’s creative content or bust for me!

If you have any questions, please contact me.