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My business is small and straightforward, and so is my privacy policy.

If you submit your email in the form on the “Contact” page, the only way that email will be used is for me to email you back. You’re expressing the desire to be contacted by me.

I’m a fanatical eater of cookies, but I don’t use them on my site. Squarespace can tell me in the “Analytics” view that a user looked at specific pages of the website, and Google Analytics can let me know how long users spent on these pages. I can see what the IP address is (for whatever that’s worth) and the viewer’s location, such as the city, state, and country. The analytics provided to me can sometimes tell me how viewers got to my website.

I like to ponder this data, and I sometimes use it to tweak my website and social media to level up the content. You always remain protected and anonymous.

All of the client links on my site have been given with permission. I have no control over the privacy policies of these other sites, although my clients are top-notch businesspeople in whom I place loads of trust.

If you have any questions about my privacy policy, feel free to email me at