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Many years ago, my college education was generously paid for, but with a caveat:
I was “strongly urged” to choose one of the business majors. I went with Marketing, but I chose English and Art—my true
loves—for every elective during those four years. That Marketing degree has come in very handy and I’m grateful for it, but there was no stopping the tractor beam pulling me toward my True North: not long after graduation, I was off on a multi-year, multi-state jaunt, learning how to blow glass.

I put the Marketing degree to good use eventually—as well as my English skills.
I entered the business world and continued my education in the evening, eventually getting a Masters’ in English/Linguistics. The more time I spent in office jobs, the more I felt the urge to run toward the things I love: language, beauty, people.

I’ve amassed over 15 years of editing, writing, and business experience; hands-on experience with art and craft businesses as an employee as well as a hobbyist and a fervent collector; and I’ve kept up with technological changes as they’ve come (which is saying a lot, considering we typed our college papers on typewriters).

I never stop growing—personally, creatively, and culturally. I love my clients, who never cease to inspire and delight me.