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I reached out to Kathy during the launch of my first e-course. I had twelve instructional painting videos, and no written content to go with them. I needed someone to watch the videos and create written summaries that I could insert into the online classroom to accompany the videos. Kathy was able to do the work much faster than I expected, and it was excellent. I was so happy to have the project done well on a tight timeline, and students reported that they really appreciated the written summaries to refer to while they watched the videos. I had peace of mind because Kathy took a huge pile of writing work off of my plate and did it much faster, and better, than I could have done. I was so impressed with how fast her turnaround time was, and how much time she saved me. And her writing is excellent!
— Annamieka Hopps Davidson, Artist
Photo Credit: Isaac Lane Koval

Photo Credit: Isaac Lane Koval

Kathy is skilled both technically and creatively and she is fully committed to making your writing the best it can be. Kathy’s technical and craft know-how combined with her fierce work ethic reassured me that I received truly remarkable editing support.
— Carly Hamilton-Jones, She Lets Go

We’ve used Kathy’s copyediting services for over 10 years! She delivers high-quality work in an efficient, friendly, professional manner.
— Seung Rowe, Language on Demand