You’re probably not on this page to find out what my fave craft tool is (for the record, it’s a gel plate for monoprinting). I’ll leave out the fluff and tell you what you want to know: Why am I qualified to serve creative businesses?

  • I have over 15 years of editorial experience.

  • Books, ebooks, press pitches, courses, patterns, newsletters, blogs, launches, social media posts, websites, brochures—I’ve partnered with artists and creatives on all of these. Read their raves, or if you’re super skeptical (jeez!) I can put you in touch.

  • I get you! I understand creative businesses. In my 20’s, I worked for several glassblowers, helping with production, shipping, sales, craft shows, inventory, and classes. This—in addition to working with my editing clients—gives me an understanding of what it’s like in the trenches.

  • I have a degree in Marketing and a Masters’ in English/Linguistics.

  • I can do edits in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Reader, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word. I love learning new technology, so if you have another format, I’m happy to take that on.

  • I have creative clients that are raving fans.